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There’s no real one-size-fits-all and the type of cover you’ll need will depend on your own living situation

Mortgage Refinance

Buying or renting a home is a big financial decision. And whether it’s a condo, a townhouse, or a single family residence — new construction or a home with a history — this transaction will have a significant impact on your budget. What do you need to know?

Home Insurance
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Home Insurance

If you own your home and have a mortgage, buildings insurance is usually compulsory as your lender will typically insist that you’re covered to protect its investment. A good buildings policy should cover the full repair and/or rebuild of your home should the worst happen.

If you’re a homeowner you may also wish to get contents cover to protect your belongings, meaning a combined buildings and contents policy could be right for you.

Meanwhile, if you rent your home you’ll likely only need contents cover as your landlord should have protection in place for any damage to the building itself.

You may find some insurance providers offer these add-ons as standard, so it's worth checking the small print of any home insurance policy to see exactly what's covered.

Shopping around is the easiest way to save money. Simply enter your details and we’ll do the hard work. In November, 51% of our home insurance customers saved £93* on a buildings and contents policy, which shows it pays to shop around.


Buildings insurance

As well as the structure of your house, this policy also protects any permanent fixtures like your bathroom and kitchen fittings, as well as your roof.
This usually extends to outdoor buildings as well e.g. garages, sheds and greenhouses, but not fences, walls and gates.

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Contents insurance

If you stop to think about the sheer amount of stuff that you own, you’d realise how much it would cost to replace everything - usually tens of thousands of pounds.
A contents policy protects your belongings from theft, and damage from fire and flood – from your clothes and books to that treadmill you threw in the shed three years ago.

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Landlords' insurance

If you’re a landlord, you’re responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the building that you’re renting out.
A standard buildings insurance policy usually won’t cut it for landlords, because someone other than you lives in the building. You’ll need something specifically designed for landlords.

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